Selected Student Comments


“Great job simplifying complex material and pointing out important details.  Discussion was always welcomed and he encouraged us to express our viewpoints.”


“Discussions went very well.  Good at engaging the students and thought-provoking.  I really found it interesting and fun.  Walked away with a lot more than I started.  Adam did an amazing job.”


“Always well-prepared and thought provoking.  I would not consider it a weakness but his understanding far exceeded the large majority of the class, so sometimes I didn’t understand things as well.  But he always was willing to clarify.”


“Extremely committed, fair, willing to listen.  Lectures are thought provoking and clear, well-prepared, approachable, interesting, easy to learn from.  One of the best teachers I’ve had a UVA in any department.  Thanks for a great semester.”


“Very good at highlighting the main points of the readings and drawing analogies to the present.  Tries to relate to students.  Very relaxed and non-stressful.”


“The instructor’s strength was being able to follow arguments well.  His talking was like thinking out loud.  A lot of times it was actually fun to follow.  This course is enriching.  It’s something different and stimulated the mind as college courses should.”


“Good selection of readings—varied and interesting.  Well-prepared and able to answer questions thoroughly and throughout.  Consistent interesting lectures.”


“He is a very good teacher and very organized.  He knows what he’s talking about.  I learned a lot and grew a lot in the way I think about things but never felt like the class was overwhelming.”


“He was knowledgeable in the subject matter and offered a wide range of topics for us to think about concerning the idea of truth.  He definitely welcomed alternative viewpoints and treated all students fairly because he was very open to hearing our thoughts and opinions on the subject.”


“Very friendly and willing to explain until you completely understand.  Admits when he is not sure about something.”



Facts and Values

“The instructor was passionate about the material and cared about you learning it.  The instructor did welcome all viewpoints and treated students fairly.  He acknowledged our opinions and then explained how the particular philosopher being discussed would argue for or against it.”


“Adam was a very fair instructor that was very in touch with his students.  Always willing to clarify or further explain things.  Very well prepared and honest when he wasn’t sure of something but would come back next class with answers.  Adam went above and beyond to help us and make sure we were not too stressed—really cared about students as people and knew our lives didn’t revolve only around philosophy class.”


“Enthusiastic about philosophy, very knowledgeable, prepared.  Adam is a very helpful and open teacher.  If the material is hard to understand, he is willing to explain.”


“Really knows his philosophy.  Truly wants us to learn the material.  He always stopped lectures when a student wanted to talk, always allowed any student to speak his mind.  Also, always replied to a comment to elaborate and promote discussion.”


“Good class structure.  The balance of lecture and discussion were great.”


“He broke down complex arguments and gave good analogies to help us understand the material better.”


“Very fair and easy to relate to.  Has great knowledge of philosophy.  Assignments were good and appropriate.  Alternative viewpoints were welcomed and I feel this class was one of the most fair I have taken.  The assignments and readings were all very fair in length and difficulty.  If something was too hard, he was easy to talk to in order to let him know so.”



Church and State

“Came prepared.  Offered thought-provoking questions, did good job explaining/clarifying/analyzing.  Admitted when he was unqualified to speak on a certain subject.  Was friendly and created a good atmosphere.


“Adam is very open to class participation and made me feel comfortable if I wanted to add to class discussion.  He is a fair grader and was helpful when needed.”


“Good at facilitating discussions.  Open to diverse array of opinions.  Excellent course.”


“He did a good job of presenting the material in a clear way and also of promoting discussion.  He was also good at sufficiently answering questions and clarifying comments made by students in class.”


“He was very good at engaging the class.  Commentary was interesting and thought provoking.”


“He was an easy going easy person to talk to.  He was available for questions and concerns.  He welcomed alternative viewpoints.  He encouraged people to justify their comments or answers.”


“Firm understanding of material.  Openness to new ideas.  Interesting ideas.  Easy to follow.  Well organized.  Interesting.  Fun.”